Prince Charles dons his polo gear yesterday before taking part in a match at Mr Kerry Packer’s property, Ellerston, near Scone. Prince Charles spends a day doing what he likes best and wins SCONE: Prince Charles en joyed a break from his official duties yesterday afternoon by do ing what he likes best – playing polo.

A jubilant Prince of Wales, whose polo team won the match played at Mr Kerry Packer’s property, EHerston, near Scone, NSW, talked to a group of locals twice and told them how much he was enjoying himself. “It shakes up my liver and that is just what I need,” he told a crowd of supporters between chukkas.

The 90-minute exhibition match, which began about 5pm, was played on one of the seven lush polo fields at Mr Packer’s 25,000ha property in front of about 1500 people. Mr James Packer said his fa tlier had been detained on a busi ness trip in the United States and was unable to attend the first Royal polo match on the proper ty Prince Charles scored three of the nine goals for his team – the Ellerston “Whites”, comprising the Prince, Mr Lance Shepherd, Mr Peter Cudmore and the only local team-member, Mr Hamish Munroe. The opposition were the Eller ston “Blacks”, made up of Mr James Packer, Mr Stuart Gil more, Mr Sinclair Hill and the Duchess of York’s brother-in-law, Mr Alex Makim. The “Blacks” were originally leading 4-2 but the “Whites” Fix this textfought back to win by 9-7.