Madon Polo Team were in a dominant mood and easily defeated 61 Cavalry Team by 9 goals to 3 ½ goals in the finals of the The Sternhagen Polo Cup (10 goals) Tournament, organized by the Amateur Riders’ Club (ARC) as part of the 71st Annual Horse Show & Polo Tournaments – 2018, and played the ARC polo grounds, Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai on Friday.

The Madon Polo outfit comprising of Ziyad Madon, Kuldeep S. Rathore, David Miekle and Simran Shergill faced initial resistance from 61 Cavalry Team, which started with a 1 ½ goal advantage. But Madon Polo produced a strong performance in the fourth chukker and scored 5 goals to take a firm grip on the match.

Shergill was the star performer for Madon Polo as he scored 5 goals and was well supported by Miekle who scored 4 goals, 3 of them coming in the 4th chukker. For 61 Cavalry the two goals were scored Col. Ravi Rathore.