All ready for the Polo Gold Cup Gstaad 

This prestigious tournament attracts the interest of many team captains, but places are limited, as the Polo Gold Cup Gstaad has its own unique format: four days, including a rest day (devoted to the traditional parade through the village), four matches determine the finalists. The demand is high, but spots are exclusive, as there are only four. This year, the four elected captains – including a woman for the first time in Gstaad, the Frenchwoman Françoise Okala – come from three different nations, Germany, Switzerland and France. In total, the sixteen players will represent six nations, with professionals from Argentina, Italy and the UK: it couldn’t be more cosmopolitan with this minimum number of four teams. Gstaad charms us!

“Be part of it”

The captains and their professionals love Gstaad, not only for the quality of sport, but the hospitality and lifestyle that completes the experience, with festive evenings including the prestigious gala under the immense, elegantly decorated Barnum tent on the edge of the field. It is an evening open to all who wish to join, as are the two VIP lunches on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th, just follow the QR-Code below. After all, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is a celebration to be shared.