Garrett Field prepares for his first major night polo event

We spoke with the Polo Player Santiago Hernando who told us how they are preparing for the Polo Night on September 23 in Garrett Field.

This first big event is coming, what are your expectations?

The expectations are very good because of the response we have from the local people. Every day they ask us about how to be present at the event. It is very new since the fact of being able to play at night and on a grass court, attracts a lot of attention. Let’s hope it becomes a classic of all seasons.

What does it mean to be able to develop this type of tournament in Garretfield?

Develop this type of event in the clj. It’s good because it allows us to play more locally and not travel so much. It also generates a great expectation for the future.

What are the next steps of the club?

Billie and Gran are making a great effort so that this can grow. He was born at a dinner here at the club and it occurred to me to be able to put together something that is out of the ordinary and it was through a reflector that illuminated the court and I said why don’t we do polo at night? And the following week, more lights were put on and an illuminated court was set up. Another important step to continue the growth, is that we are improving the lot of horses. We have pure American mares and I am going to be in Argentina to be able to look for new calves to be able to improve the level of horses in Garrett Field.