Habtoor Polo and Bangash Polo took center stage on the third day of Gold Cup 2024

The third game of the Gold Cup 2024 kicked off with an exciting match between Habtoor Polo and Ghantoot Polo Team. Al Habtoor Polo took the lead with a goal streak, maintaining their advantage until chukker 2, with Ghantoot Polo Team leading the game for the subsequent chukkers. Al Habtoor Polo regained the lead, with Facundo Florante Llorente exhibiting beautiful plays, delivering a long shot in the final chukkers, and scoring another goal with an assist from Jose Araya. Al Habtoor Polo played exceptionally well, with Juan Juaretche emerging as the standout player of the game.

Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs. Ghantoot Polo Team
3 – 1 | 4 – 4 | 4 – 8 | 7 – 8 | 10 – 8
Top scorer: Juan Juaretche

Bangash replicated their previous win by dominating the field once more on the 3rd day of Gold Cup 2024. The game began with a score from Bangash Polo Team by Dodson & Horrell. The first chukker ended with Bangash taking the lead, with Mahra Polo Team by AIX Investment Group only one score behind. Bangash Polo Team’s Tomas Fernandez Llorente dominated the game with the team’s support, scoring a total of 4 goals, while Mahra Polo Team by AIX Investment Group’s Jacinto Crotto had the most goals. In the last minute of the final chukker, Juan Cruz Guevarra scored one more goal, concluding the game with a 3-score gap.

Match Progression: Mahra Polo Team by AIX Investment Group vs. Bangash Polo Team by Dodson & Horrell
3 – 4 | 3 – 7 | 5 – 10 | 7 – 10 | 8 – 11
Top scorer: Tomas Fernandez Llorente

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