Habtoor Polo and Dubai Wolves by CAFU wins the Semifinals

The semifinals of Gold Cup 2024 showcased exceptional teamwork between the four teams competing for their position on the final game.
The game started with a foal from Lucas Monteverde of UAE Polo but was matched by Santiago Laborde of Dubai Wolves by CAFU. This early exchange of scores set the tone for an intense match sealing the victory of Dubai Wolves by CAFU to the finals. The final chukker witnessed Benjamin Panelo’s mastery in the sport as he skillfully assisted Felix Esain, contributing to the team’s triumph.

Match Progression:  Dubai Wolves by CAFU vs. UAE Polo
1-1 | 3-1 | 5-3 | 7-5 | 10-7
Top Scorer: Benjamin Panelo
The game between Habtoor Polo and Bangash Polo by D&H showcased the players skillful shots. Tomasito Llorente of Bangash Polo kicked off the game by scoring the initial goal. The teamwork of Habtoor Polo shone through as Juan Juareche received assistance from the team, concluding the first chukker with a goal. Jose Araya gave an impressive performance scoring back-to-back goals in Chukker 3. Despite this, Bangash Polo managed to narrow the gap by the end of the chukker. In the final chukker, Mohammed Al Habtoor scored the first goal, and Alfredo Capella of Bangash Polo sealed the game with a remarkable backhand shot. In the end, Habtoor Polo secured victory and advanced to the finals.
Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs Bangash Polo
3-2 | 5-4 | 8-6 | 11-7 | 14-10
Top Scorer: Jose Araya
Final day of the Gold Cup 2024 will be on the 24th of February.