Holiday Cup is in the books 🐎

After three days and nights with family, friends and amazing ponies we can proudly announce the winner of this 4 goal tournament

with the super smart Raphael Oliveira and his talented team consisting of Bea Pfister-Leibold, Lorena Renggli (who, after an unlucky fall could not play today and was substituted by Lenny Wolf) and Robert Ramm.

Robert was also chosen to be the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

🥈IL SALOTTO lost only the final game and won the second place after a tough final.
Russel Tyre, who came all the way from England played aside of Valentin Ulrich, Alice Boldis and the ultimate rocket Joaquin Copello.

Joaquin also rode the Best Playing Pony.

Marie Haupt
Patricio Gaynor Benoit
Eva Brühl
Catharina Falch/Angelika Aigner

Eckhard Juls
Richard Juls/Simon Schneiderbauer
Vicente Sarli
Nicanor Bruz

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Marie Ranner
and Carlito Velasquez for being the best Tournament Mangement ever!!!