Intense Defense by Mahra Polo by AIX and Ghantoot Polo on Day Five of Gold Cup 2024


The 5th day of the Gold Cup 2024 showcased the teams’ determination through impressive defensive plays and attacks by AIX Mahra Polo and Ghantoot Polo.
Both teams demonstrated solid defense, which briefly delayed the score, but Ghantoot Polo Team managed to break through and net the first goal. AIX Mahra Polo’s Teodoro Lacau played a crucial role in scoring their first goal by providing excellent assistance to Jacinto Crotto. Again, impressing the crowd, an angled shot was made by Teodoro Lacau in the 2nd chukker. AIX Mahra showed determination during the last chukkers, ending the game with only a 2-score gap, with Tariq Alhabtoor making the final goal of the game. Yet, it was Marcos Araya of Ghantoot Polo Team who scored the most, making them victorious to move to the next round.
Match Progression: Mahra Polo by AIX vs. Ghantoot Polo
 0-3 | 2-5 | 3-8 | 5-10 | 9-11
Top Scorer: Marcos Araya
The next qualification matches of the Gold Cup 2024 will be on 18th of February:
14:00 – Dubai Wolves by CAFU vs. Bangash Polo by D&H
16:00 – Habtoor Polo vs. UAE Polo