POLOVAR: The Video Assistant Solution

In Polo, the video assistant referee also known by the acronym VAR (Video Assistant Referee), or simply as video arbitration or video arbitration, is an arbitration assistance system whose objective is to avoid human errors that condition the result.

During the match, one of the match judges has a video signal specially designed for the video review. On the screen they have access to the repetition of the plays.

The main referee is communicated with the video referee through an earpiece.

If a controversial action occurs, the judges review it and inform the referee to make the final decision.

The review depends on the authorization of the main referee to be able to analyze it in search of a final decision.

The VAR Pole limits the use of the system to the request of the main referee of the match.

In no case will the VAR Pole use the analysis option without the request of the referee responsible for the match.

The VAR Pole is activated as follows:

When one of the actions contemplated occurs, the main arbitrator may request the review.

The video judges observe the instant repetition of the play and report what has happened to the referee, through the headset.

The field referee has two options:

You can accept the criteria of the video judges, or watch the video on the screen and make your own decision.

The decision of the field referee prevails.

The video assistant referee booth (VOR) is composed of a responsible referee (VAR) and a camera video operator (RO).

The only ones capable of requesting the repetition are the referee and the video assistant, and in the first case you must signal it with a rectangle with your index fingers.

If a player or coach claims his use from the referee, or interrupts his review, he can be sanctioned according to the referee’s decision.

If there is a dangerous situation, the field referee must wait for the conclusion of the play to respond to the request for review.

The ultimate goal of the POLO VAR is not to guarantee total accuracy in arbitration decisions, but to reverse those human errors that may condition the result, and limiting it to the assumptions established by the organization of the tournament.

Thanks to the realization, video assistants can see the controversial action and advise the main referee, who always has the final decision.

POLO VAR recommends that the decision be made in the shortest possible time so as not to alter the pace of the game, usually less than a minute.

At the end of the match, Polo VAR delivers a copy of the play to the referee for possible dissemination in the event that he authorizes it.

Method of Use:

Controversial play

The Chief Referee asks for VAR Polo

The Outside Referee (if any) analyzes the play and informs the main referee. If there is no third man, the Principal Arbitrator analyzes the play.

Final decision by the referee.

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