Scone won the USPA Gold Cup

Scone, the team of Australian player David Paradice, defeated the defending champion, Pilot, 8-6, and won the USPA Gold Cup, the second event of the prestigious The Gauntlet of Polo, a stop before the US Open Polo Championship, after the final that was held at the National Polo Center Wellington, located in Wellington, Florida, on Sunday, March 26.

Scone, who received a goal due to a handicap as Tomás Panelo (8) returned to replace the injured Pelón Stirling (9), received a handicap, led the way in the first two chukkers, until in the third, Pilot reduced the difference to the minimal. After half time, in which Scone put his foot on the accelerator and was up 7-4, Pilot did not lower his arms; they won the fifth chukker 1-0, but in the sixth and final period, Scone pressured the then defending champion, eventually taking the 8-6 victory and the title.