The Joe Barry Memorial 2024 🇺🇸

The Joe Barry Memorial it’s been payed from January 13 to 28 and is part of the new Florida Circuit 16 goal Super-Series and serves as the first qualifying stage of four prestigious national tournaments (Ylvisaker Cup, Iglehart Cup, Outback Cup), which will culminate in the National Polo Center 16-Goal Championship.

Organized by Port Mayaca Polo Club, this year’s competition has eight teams competing in search of glory and the opportunity to advance to the NPC Championship of 16 Goals, including BTA, Catamount, Forbes Plunkett, Las Brisas, La Fe/Dazos, Palm Beach Equine, Patagones and SD Farms/Old Hickory Bourbon.


BTA: Ignacio Viana, 6; Steve Krueger, 5; Alfonso Pieres, 5; Kelly Beal, 0. Total:16. 
Forbes Plunkett: Brandon Plunkett, 0; Nicolas Escobar, 5; Lucas Escobar, 4; Felipe Vercellino, 7.Total: 16.
Palm Beach Equine: Antonio Aguerre, 2; Dylan Rossiter, 6; Raul Colombres, 8; Scott Swerdlin, 0. Total:16.
Sd Farms/Old Hickory Bourbon: Sayyu Dantata, 1; Cesar Polledo, 6; Stevie Orthwein, 3; Mariano Obregon, 6. Total: 16. 

La Fe: David Farache, 0; Roberto Bilbao, 6; Francisco Elizalde, 9; Louis Devaleix, 1. Total:16.
Las Brisas: Larry Aschebrook, 1; Juan Martin Gutierrez, 3; Matias Obregon, 4; Juan Martin Obregon, 6. Total: 16.
Patagones: Jack Whitman, 2; Joaquin Avendaño, 4; Edward Banner-Eve, 5; Santiago Wulff, 5. Total: 16.
Catamount: Scott Devon, 0; Rufino Merlos, 3; Kristos Magrini, 6; Lucas Criado Jr, 7. Total:16.