The Teams for the II Giuliana Cup

The girls have already started to experience an incredible week in Costa Careyes with the II Giuliana Cup.

Costa Careyes is also a constant polo generating center and for the next three years it has developed a polo growth plan to be able to meet its objective: attracting players and teams of the best level each time.


Sela/Fifth Sun: Becky Schaller, 1; Sofia Landa, 1; Andrea Quintero, 4, Milly Hine, 8. Total: 15.

90210 Polo: Sarah S. Magness, 2; Sheyl Sick, 2; Cuyi Glenny, 4; Hope Arellano, 10. Total: 18.

Cuija Polo: Sydney Falk, 2; Katie Falk, 2; Meghan Gracida, 4; Hazel Jackson 10. Total: 18

Atalaya Stable: Nicola Hodges, 2; Coco Sandhu, 2; Kristy Mcbride, 4; Maddie Grant, 6. Total: 14


Thursday 6
3pm Sela/Quinto Sol vs. 90210 Polo
4pm Cujia vs. Atalaya Block

Monday 8
3pm Subsidiary Final
4:30 p.m. Final