The words of Ibrahim Zohdey about the La Martina Challenge 2024

“I would like to start with welcoming PoloHUB family to Egypt for covering La Martina Challenge Cup 2024 that will be played at Kings Polo Club in Cairo”, said the Polo Player.

“There i personally think we are well prepared for the tournament, because in Egypt we started already a few years ago organizing a good level of Polo tournaments aiming to achieve a strong role in global Polo.
And today i believe that we in Egypt have the ability to achieve it with the capacity of horses and all facilities that are provided by kings club organization that was found back in 2014 with two fields and top level of stables where i put my horses, specially with the help of my Coach and very good friend Marwan El Afandy who has been helping me with everything since i have joined the club and started playing Polo”, finalized Zohdey.

Ibrahim Zohdey, Polo Player.

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