A photo of an Argentine polo club awarded at the Monochrome Awards

The Monochrome Awards is primarily aimed at people of whom photography is a passion and a way of life. It is a platform where professionals and amateurs can enter their shots amongst a sea of ambitious and creative community of photographers from around the world.

The connection of Black and White Photography with tradition and timeless values is beyond contestation. Since its infancy, black and white photography was not only the craft but primarily the art, where ideas conjured in the artist’s imagination is immortalized through the lens of their camera.

“Although one of the most fascinating aspects of my work is being there, in the territory of these wonderful animals, waiting for the opportune moments to «trigger» my camera. I must admit that I am capable of spending hours and days for one of my photos to be considered finished for FINE ART” said the photographer Agustin Cleris.

The photo was taken at the La Celina Club located in Trenque Lauquen, Argentina and belonging to the Agustin Merlos & Celina Caset family.

Monochrome Photography is arguably a difficult but fascinating art form. Gaining extensive theoretical knowledge and rich experience is often not enough to rise above other equally good, competent and creative artists.

The works of winners and honorable mentions will likewise be presented in the annual post-contest gallery. On top of that, the wide latitude and reach of our Monochrome Awards allows the laureates to appear in media and art galleries all over the world.