Adelante wins the AlUla Challenge Cup

In a dazzling display of equestrian prowess and competitive spirit, Adelante emerged victorious in the first edition of the prestigious AlUla Challenge Cup. The thrilling tournament, held from 3rd to 13th of August, captivated audiences with its world-class polo action set against Polo Club Saint-Tropez’s picturesque background.

The 10 goal final took place at the iconic field this Sunday at 6 pm between AlUla Polo Team and Adelante Polo Team. Four chukkers were played with the following score for Adelante per chukker: 1-0; 2-3; 2-0, 0–0, winning by 4-3.

More than 450 spectators came to witness the memorable final including 150 people at the Country Club, with 15 photos of the rising tourist destination of AlUla displayed throughout the terrace and club house. 

Julio Zavaleta, Polo Manager, said: “We are delighted by the first edition of AlUla Challenge Cup as it showcased a high level of polo, and events of this nature contribute significantly to the advancement of the sport.”

The AlUla Challenge Cup marked a significant milestone for AlUla’s equestrian sports, bringing together 10 teams from around the globe to compete. Adelante Polo Team showcased exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the tournament, earning them a well-deserved victory. 

The tournament’s success was further amplified by the seamless collaboration between the Polo Club Saint-Tropez and its title season sponsor, Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU). 

Ziad Alshuhaibani, RCU Sports Executive Programme Chief, said: “The AlUla Challenge Cup is an important milestone in the continued sporting and cultural partnership between AlUla and Saint-Tropez to grow and enrich equestrian sports, exchange knowledge and skills, and inspire the next generation of polo players. We are grateful for this opportunity to enhance the visibility of AlUla as a unique destination with a narrative embedded in equestrian traditions.”

The new tournament is part of the agreement between the Royal Commission of AlUla (RCU) and the Polo Club Saint-Tropez-Haras de Gassin to celebrate the sport of Kings with the ancient Saudi Arabian city of AlUla as the winter destination and the French Riviera Saint-Tropez as the summer venue. RCU has announced the dates for the next edition of its Desert Polo tournament, which will take place on 15-20 January 2024.

The AlUla Challenge Cup has set a new standard for excellence in the world of polo, and its inaugural edition will be remembered as a defining moment for Polo Club Saint-Tropez and in AlUla’s polo history. As this remarkable event comes to an end, the anticipation for next year’s tournament is already building, promising even more thrilling moments and unforgettable memories.