All set for the 2024 Ylvisaker Cup in Palm Beach

From January 30 to February 25, the Ylvisaker Cup takes place, a tournament that is part of the brand new Florida Circuit 16-Goal, along with the Joe Barry Memorial Cup and the Iglehart Cup.

In this edition there are eleven teams that face each other with the same goal: to reach the top of the competition. Last year the champion was Icónica, a group made up of Maureen Brennan, Luquitas Criado, Santos Merlos and Peke Gonzalez.

Teams for the Ylvisaker Cup

Clearwater: Camp Campbell, 2; Lucas Dias Alberdi, 6; Gringo Colombres, 8; TBA, 0. Total:16.

Mayer Ranch: Kenny Mayer, 0; Matt Coppola, 5; Costi Caset, 5; Jared Zenni, 6. Total: 16.

BTA: Kelly Beal, 0; Steve Krueger, 5; Alfonso Pieres, 5; Nachi Viana, 6. Total: 16.

90210 Polo: Sarah Siegel – Magness, 0; Gerónimo Obregon, 5; Jesse Bray, 7; Louis Hine, 4. Total:16.

Patagones: Jack Whitman, 1; Joaquín Avendano, 4; Ed Banner, 5; Santi Wulff, 6. Total: 16.

La Fe/Dazos: Louis Devaleix, 1; David Farache, 0; Robi Bilbao, 6; Francisco Elizalde, 9. Total: 16.

Catamount: Scott Devon, 0; Rufino Merlos, 3; Keko Magrini, 6; Luquitas Criado, 7. Total: 16.

Copperline Farms: Ben Ketchum, 0; Nico Escobar, 5; Lucas Escibar, 4; Pipe Vercellino, 7. Total:16.

Novo: Baljit Sierra, 0; Brandon Phillips, 4; Facundo Obregon, 6; Santi Llavallol, 5. Total:15.

SD Farms / Old Hickpry Bourbon: Sayyu Dantata, 1; Peco Polledo, 6; Stevie Orthwein, 3; Mariano Obregon, 6. Total: 16.

Flying H Polo: Will Johnston, 1; Miki Novillo Astrada, 2; Santino Magrini, 4, Miguel Novillo Astrada, 8. Total: 15.

Games – Day by Day

Tuesday the 30th

11hs Mayer 15 vs. Novo 13 – NPC

Wednesday the 31st

10hs BTA 8 vs. Clearwater 9 – NPC

Thursday 1

10hs La Fe 7 vs. Catamount 12 – Patagones

12.30hs Cooperline 11 vs. Flying H Polo 8

15hs Patagones 8 vs. SD Farms 9 – SD Farms

Sunday 4

10hs SD Farms vs. 90210 – Brave

15hs Clearwater vs. Copperline Farms – NPC Field 1

Tuesday 6

11hs Catamount vs. Flying H – Flying H

3pm Mayer vs. Patagones – Patagones

Wednesday 7

11hs BTA vs. La Fe – NPC

Thursday the 8t

11hs Novo vs. SD Farms – SD Farms

Saturday 10

15hs Mayer vs 90210 – Brave

Sunday the 11th

10hs BTA vs. Copperline -NPC

15hs Novo vs. Patagones – NPC

Monday the 12th

11hs La Fe vs. Flying H – Flying H

13hs Clearwater vs. Catamount – NPC

Thursday the 15th

11hs Novo vs. 90210 – Brave

Friday the 16th

10hs Catamount vs. Copperline -NPC

Saturday the 17th

10hs Clearwater vs. La Fe – Patagones

12.30hs Mayer vs. SD Farms -SD Farms

Sunday the 18th

10hs Patagones vs. 90210 – Brave

12.30hs Flying H vs. BTA – Flying H

Wednesday the 21st

11hs State of Florida Cup semi-final – SD Farms

15hs State of Florida Cup semi-final – Patagones

Thursday the 22nd

11h Ylvisaker Cup semi-final – NPC

15hs Ylvisaker Cup semi-final- NPC

Saturday the 24th

15hs State of Florida Cup Final – Patagones

Sunday the 25th

Ylvisaker Cup Final – NPC