AlUla: 2023 calendar of events

The Royal Commission for AlUla – under the banner of AlUla Moments announces the full calendar of events for 2023 meaning visitors can plan their 2023 adventures to coincide with the five festivals and six marque events and on offer.

AlUla continues to make a name for itself as one of the world’s hottest new destinations with visitors snapping up tickets to 2022 events including concerts at Maraya, AZIMUTH, the Wellness Festival and Ancient Kingdoms Festival.


Returning for the fourth time is the eagerly-anticipated Winter at Tantora.  From 22nd December 2022 until 22nd January 2023, Winter at Tantora will feature cultural events, musical concerts, wellness, nature, fashion, dining and more.

The Tantora Cultural Celebration will kick off the WAT festival as it does every year. This year the celebration will run for 4 days offering locals and visitors a chance to gather in the Tantora piazza and welcome in the new season with traditional festivities of music and dance.

In food, Flavours of AlUla, offers a colourful new event celebrating the fusion, fun and art of food. Visitors can expect cooking demonstrations, tastings and many instagrammable moments inspired by the flavours of AlUla, Saudi and further afield.  The Citrus Festival will also return offering farmers a unique opportunity to showcase the citrus that AlUla is famous for in unique and engaging ways. From the Pomelo to the Torounge, citrus is one of the dominant fruit grown wildly in the oasis and on farms around the region. Tastings, a citrus market, cooking and more will be on offer.

In dining, there are many new and exciting restaurant opening during the Winter at Tantora period which will have foodies spoilt for choice. From international restaurants in stunning spaces to home-grown concepts offering delectable dishes from nearby, AlUla is fast becoming a destination dining hotspot.

In Ashar Valley, a series of exciting luxury retail pop-ups are sure to delight – with brands to be announced soon. In AlUla’s virbrant new arts district, AlJadidah, a homegrown market concept space will showcase talented designers from Saudi and there will be music from The Saudi National Music Band. Eco-gardening, agriculture workshops and guided walk experiences will be on offer in the oasis and cultural and archaeological workshops in the heritage sites. Five Senses Wellness retreat will make a return and musical concerts will continue in Maraya including the now sold out Majed AlMohandes on the 23rd of December 2022.