At the Malta Polo Club, each season is a celebration of the sport

In PoloHUB we talk with Petra Vella from Malta Polo Club about the plans for the 2024 Seson in this amazing destination.

The growth of Polo in Malta has been a captivating journey, rooted in tradition and passion.

The Malta Polo Club, one of the oldest in the world, traces its inception back to 1868 when it was established by the English army.

Over the years, the club has experienced significant expansion, particularly marked by a transformative milestone when the club acquired its own ponies for the academy. This acquisition has paved the way for remarkable growth, bolstered by the presence of exceptional instructors who curate a wealth of lessons for beginners, along with engaging instructional chukkas. The club’s membership comprises dedicated polo enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant community deeply invested in the sport’s evolution.

At the Malta Polo Club, each season is a celebration of the sport against the backdrop of Malta’s perennial sunshine. With favorable weather year-round, every month offers an opportunity to engage in the exhilarating spirit of polo. The season commences in September and unfolds in grandeur until June, providing a rich tapestry of events and matches.

Participation in tournaments at the Malta Polo Club is a showcase of talent, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. Recently, the prestigious Du Cane Cup witnessed a historic moment as eight women participated in the first-ever match of its kind. Typically, our tournaments see an active involvement of 12 dedicated members, each contributing to the spirited competition that defines our events.

Looking ahead to 2024, the Malta Polo Club is poised for an exciting chapter, marked by a series of enthralling endeavors. Notably, the club is diligently preparing for international tournaments, with a significant presence slated for Sotto Grande in March. Additionally, the club is orchestrating the prestigious King of Spain Cup on the 17th of February, a women’s tournament featuring three esteemed teams, set to unfold in April, as well as an International tournament hosting an Irish team between the 12-14th April. The pinnacle of our calendar will be the grand Cawnpore Cup, an illustrious event scheduled for June 15 featuring the club’s top 8 players. Moreover, the club is proud to announce the introduction of the Novice Cup in May, a bespoke tournament designed to celebrate and engage with new members, embodying the club’s commitment to inclusivity and growth.

In a display of esteemed recognition, the Spanish Ambassador will grace the King of Spain Cup, adding a touch of diplomatic elegance to the prize-giving ceremony, further elevating the event’s prestige. Additionally, the club takes great pride in its distinguished Honorary Members, a testament to its rich heritage and enduring legacy, embodying the timeless spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship that defines the Malta Polo Club.

The Malta Polo Club continues to stand as a beacon of tradition, excellence, and inclusivity, poised to script an unforgettable chapter in the captivating tale of polo.

Thanks Petra for your time! Hope to see you soon!

PoloHUB Team!