Bangash Polo Team by Dodson&Horrell and UAE Polo seized the limelight on the sixth day of the Gold Cup 2024


The 15th edition of the Gold Cup tournament will see six teams compete on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Club until the 24th of February 2024.
The sixth game of Gold Cup 2024 ignited with an exhilarating clash between Dubai Wolves by CAFU and Bangash Polo Team by Dodson & Horrell. The intensity of competition was evident from the outset, with Benjamin Panelo of Dubai Wolves by CAFU securing the initial score and delivering a consistently outstanding performance.
Amidst the fierce competition, Alfredo Capella of Bangash Polo showcased exceptional skill, sparking a comeback. Bangash Polo took the lead as the match progressed towards its final chukkers, but Dubai Wolves by CAFU persistently narrowed the gap. Despite the relentless efforts, Bangash Polo ultimately secured the victory with a slight score advantage in a closely contested match.
Match Progression: Bangash Polo Team by Dodson&Horrell vs. Dubai Wolves by CAFU
0 – 1 | 2 – 2 | 6 – 2 | 7 – 5 | 9 – 8
Top scorer: Alfredo Cappella  

The next gripping encounter unfolded between Habtoor Polo and UAE Polo, kicking off with an electric atmosphere as both teams aggressively pursued scoring opportunities while maintaining robust defensive strategies. Tomas Beresford showcased remarkable prowess, consistently contributing to his team’s tally and establishing early stability. In response, Juan Jauretche of Habtoor Polo displayed equal prowess, narrowing the score gap with his teammates’ support. The match remained closely contested, with both teams continuously trading blows, resulting in frequent tie scores.
As the final minutes approached, the intensity heightened with Lucas Monteverde unleashing a flurry of shots. The match kept viewers on the edge of their seats until the last moment. In the end, UAE Polo emerged victorious in a hard-fought battle, securing the win after an enthralling and intense game.
Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs. UAE Polo
1 – 2 | 4 – 5 | 6 – 6 | 9 – 7 | 11 – 12