Dubai Wolves Triumph in a Thrilling Match Against UAE Polo

An intense match unfolded on the 4th day of Gold Cup 2024 featuring Santiago Laborde of Dubai Wolves by CAFU scoring the opening goal, paving their way to victory. The initial chukkers concluded with teams achieving remarkable goals. Benjamin Panelo wrapped up the first chukker with an impressive long shot, while Federico von Potobsky scored back-to-back goals in the following chukker. The final chukkers witnessed an unpredictable outcome as both teams leveled up their goals. Tomás Beresford captivated the audience with a beautiful side-angle shot to conclude the 4th chukker. Benjamin Panelo’s late goal not only secured Dubai Wolves by CAFU a spot in the next game but also underscored the team’s resilience and determination. This accomplishment is noteworthy, especially in light of the strategic goal scored by UAE Polo Team’s Lucas Monteverde in the closing moments of the match, showcasing the competitive spirit between the two teams.

Match Progression: Dubai Wolves by Cafu vs. UAE Polo Team
4-1 | 5-3 | 7-6 | 9-9 | 11-10
Top Scorer: Benjamin Panelo

The next qualification matches of the Gold Cup 2024 will be on the 17th of February:
14:00 – Mahra Polo Team by AIX Investment Group vs. Ghantoot Polo Team