Equine Experience at Chunda Polo Club

Chunda Palace belongs to one of the noble house from the Mewar kingdom. The splendid idea of this beautiful palace was conceived by Th. Ghanshyam Singhji of Thana, he hoped the project would revive the age-old art of construction conserving the traditional patterns and designs. It took 16 years to create this beautiful palatial architecture and the royalty which fascinates all the guests today.

Equine Experience

To escape the daily grind, opt for the highest level of equine experience and the essential joy of being with these noble animals. Chunda Polo club is home for rare elements of grace, poetry in motion, spirit, and fire.

Polo has long been associated with society’s upper crust, where fine champagne & floppy hats and are de rigueur. Well-heeled personalities mingle under the shade of white tents, enjoying cocktails. In our effort is to bring the Sport of kings to a broader community, we invite you to experience an afternoon with the ponies.

Chunda Palace

1 Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Main Road,
Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan, India