Interview with Mohamed Elshamy about La Martina Challenge 2024

At PoloHUB we spoke with Mohamed Elshamy, President of the Egyptian Polo Federation, about the importance of a new tournament coming to the country.

What does it mean to receive this tournament in Egypt?

To receive a tournament like that is a great testimony for the Egyptian polo teams and players to make it a success under the leadership of the federation and also the vision and trust of the organizers in the potential of the Egyptian polo in our lovely Egypt.

How do you see the growth of the polo in Egypt?

My vision is that the growth of polo in Egypt is slow but sure, with every thing happening in the area either politically or economically, in my opinion it’s good enough achievement.

It’s always good that well-known brands like Martina support the growth of the sport, isn’t it?

Of course to have the support from of a world class brand like La Martina is an amazing added value to the sport in Egypt 🇪🇬 and will help the Egyptian polo to achieve its international potential.