Interview with Mohamed Elsharkawy Smouha Polo Team Captain

PoloHUB talked with the captain of Smouha Polo Team about his feelings to play the first La Martina Challenge in Egypt.

How are you preparing for La Martina Challenge 2024?

Preparing for polo is in fact an ongoing process which i beleive it takes from the player almost all the year around.

As a player have to be physically in shape,practice regularly on your own ,and as well with your team mates.

It would start from regular stick&ball on your own ,organizing practice games, mini events, this would help you to be in good shape and ready to give your best on the main events.

On the other hand you have to keep good eye and ensure that your horses are well in shape, which i consider a key facor in every event, there is a say that a polo pony is 75% of your performance and i personally beleive
it even may be a bit more than that,and the main factor to acheive it, is by having a good stable managment,efficient,well motivated assistants (Grooms, horse trainers..) who can help you to acheive that.

Finally to answer your question, i beleive the key for a good performance is a collective result of all the above mentioned points ,on top of having a good coordination & mutual understanding between you and your team mates inside the polo field where it can all be translated in «wining».