La Martina Challenge Arrives in Egypt: Impact on the Brand

PoloHUB spoke with Adrián Simonetti about the importance of promoting polo in new destinations like Egypt, which will receive La Martina Challenge.

The La Martina Challenge’s arrival in Egypt marks a significant milestone for our brand. This expansion not only introduces La Martina to the current enthusiastic local polo community but also reinforces our commitment to promoting the sport in Egypt’s rich cultural heritage through the Egyptian Polo federation and at Kings Polo Club. It also promotes La Martina to showcase our current 3 stores in Cairo at Mall of Egypt, City Festival and Marina Marassi plus a new store that will be opening soon.
This move is expected to enhance brand visibility, engage a broader audience in Egypt, and establish deeper connections with polo communities through reciprocal polo challenges.

Importance of Accompanying Polo in Different Countries

Supporting polo in various countries is integral to our mission. It allows us to foster the sport’s growth on a global scale, encourage grassroots development, and bring the polo community closer together. By being present in different countries, we can adapt and cater to diverse cultural nuances, ensuring the sport is accessible and enjoyable for all. This global footprint not only solidifies La Martina’s position as a leader in the polo world but also helps in promoting cross-cultural exchanges and understanding, enriching the polo experience for players and fans alike.

La Martina’s Goal for This Year

Our goal for this year is to strengthen our global community by further supporting the development of polo across all levels, from amateur Men and Women Polo enthusiasts to professional athletes. We aim to launch innovative products that meet the evolving needs of players, invest in sustainable practices to protect our environment, and enhance our educational initiatives to ensure the sport’s prosperous future. Additionally, we are focused on leveraging technology to improve the accessibility of polo, making it easier for people worldwide to engage with the sport and our brand. Ultimately, our vision for this year is to continue embodying the spirit of polo, both on and off the field, by championing the values of integrity, respect, and excellence.

The Queen Elizabeth II visited the Store of La Martina at Guards Polo Club.
Adrián and Becky Simpson during a event at Guards Polo Club.