“Malta Polo Club is the second oldest club in the world”

The Malta Polo Club, the second oldest club in the world founded in 1868 by the royal family. In this context we spoke with the president of the club.

Founded in 1868, the Malta Polo Club is the second oldest club in the world behind the Calcutta Polo Club of India, founded only six years previously. However, Malta wins the European title as the oldest club and is even older than the famous Hurlingham Polo Association in England.
Polo was first introduced in Malta through the efforts of British Army officers stationed on the island and by officers who were either on their way to, or returning home from, India.

To learn a little more about the club, we spoke with Mathew Borg, president of the club. What the club means today, what it has malt to offer to those who want to go and plans for the future.

What can you tell us about the Malta Polo Club?

The Malta Polo club is the second oldest club in the world dated 1868 when the English military were in Malta. The Royal family started playing in Malta who till this date have given 12 trophies to the Malta Polo club.

What is different about polo malta than in the rest of the places?

Due to our climate. The club season starts in September and ends in June.this fact can incourage many player all over Europe to join whilst their polo season is closed.

That has Malta for offer to those who go to play polo?

The Malta polo club has its own polo ponies which can be rented to players to enter various tournaments.

What is polo for you?

Polo is my passion and my hobby. what I would like to see for the club is to keep on growing at a fast pace like it did in the past years.