Pablo Casero talks about the Polo Clinic in PGH La Palmeraie

Tell us about the Polo Clinic in Morocco?

“The idea of the clinic in Morocco starts when I realized that there is a lot of people playing polo around the world, but not many of these people playing polo, have the right idea and the right concept about polo, about the game, about the swing, about the horses, and about the horsemanship that is the most important thing in polo. So I say, well, this is a chance that I have to share my knowledge and also to spend some time in this beautiful place, which is Morocco, that I have a special connection. So I say, okay, why don’t I organize a clinic for people to be able to share with me this time and to learn from me a bit of my knowledge”

What does it means for your to do this clinic in Morrocco?

“To be able to do this clinic in Morocco it means a lot to me because I have a special connection with Morocco and especially with with the place of Patrick Guerin-Hermes. I’ve been many many years there and I know the horses, I know the field, I know the facilities and it is a really special place where people always enjoy it and that’s why it means a lot to me to go there because I think after Argentina is one of the most fun places to go and learn polo because you are in the middle of Morocco and you have nothing else to do than play polo. Your head is focused on polo”.