Poland: Interview with Maksimilian from Sowiniec Polo Club

In PoloHUB we talked with the Player about his opinion to visit La Guapeada and the present of the Polo in Poland.

1- Tell us about how the Poland season is going? Specially in your club

The season in Poland doing really good! I play lot of very high speed practice club chukkers, so I’m improving my skills a lot! there is few international tournaments. So polish polo is on very good level.

2- How did you have the chance to know La Guapeada Polo Club?

I know La Guapedea thanks to my friend and his father owner of I think first polo club in nowadays polish history.

3- How was your experience with your family and friends at La Guapeada

LG is a very very magical place! I have wonderful experience there. The way of teaching polo is very very incredible. And also after polo is very nice experience there!

4- Tell us something about the Lagomarsino brothers.

I have very nice memories about Lagomarsino brothers, both of them are very nice and friendly, they are very best teachers in polo, they give me lot of tips that I use today on a fields. I have contact whit them about my polo progress.

5- Do you have plans to come back to Argentina in the next season?

Yes if I can manage I want to see Palermo open! But if I can be able to go to Argentina on November/December, I want to go on low season in first months of 2024.