Polo: The Passion of Walt Disney

Walt Disney, creator and founder of the Disney Company, the company that created all the most influential characters and movies from the childhood of millions of people. There is no doubt that Walt Disney is a man with achievements that exceed that of the average person, with so much responsibility Mr. Disney was overwhelmed with stress. This impacted his work and daily life, Mr. Disney needed something to calm his nerves.

Walt Disney, by prescription of his doctor, began to practice sports such as boxing, golf and wrestling. He followed by equestrian sports like show jumping. In the end he was introduced to polo, which was the sport he continued for the rest of his life. During the 1930s, there were about 25 polo clubs in Los Angeles, where Walt Disney established himself along with his company, several of which are still standing today. In Hollywood there were several lovers of polo and polo-celebrities, an example is the comedian Will Rogers.

Walt and his friends and staff came to train every day to improve their polo. They practiced so much that they came to travel to Mexico with the “Donald Duck Polo Team”

Walt loved polo so much that he decided to create a short film of Mickey Mouse and his friends playing polo against some of the biggest celebrities of the day. Several big names appeared, for example Charlie Chaplin, Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel and Harpo Marx play on the polo team. While in the stands are Clark Gable and Shirley Temple with various other celebrities.

After traveling to Argentina, looking for the best opposing players to improve his polo, he was hit in the back by a bocce (polo ball). This broke several vertebral bones, Mr. Walt preferred to go to a chiropractor, which adjusted his back, damaging it in the long term with arthritis. After years of pain, Walt Disney decided to quit polo and focus on his next films.