The great experience of Cory Williams in the King Power Ladies Tournament

We talked the Polo Player Cory Williams, the 23-year-old american polo player (who also holds a British passport) with a 4-goal handicap, being raised to 5 in December!

She started playing in Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club in California when she was 14.

“My most recent tournament win at the Guards Polo club was surreal! I felt very lucky to get to play with the buena vibra team again after we won the us open women’s polo championship in Florida earlier this year. We lost our first game against the team we ultimately faced in the final. After that, We were able to figure each other‘s playing styles out and develop our team chemistry to win the next two games and then beat that first team in the final. It was a fantastic feeling to play at one of the most prestigious polo clubs in the world with such an amazing team. I feel incredibly fortunate”, told to PoloHUB.

You have played several times at the King Power Ladies Tournament in Thailand, Can you tell us your experience?

I have actually only played the king power ladies tournament in Thailand once, but I had such a wonderful time. I would love to go back and play there again! I played for L’Oréal Paris with Danielle Lussi, Elena Venot, and Mia Bray. The Polo was extremely competitive, the king power horses were excellent, and the fields played very well. We made it to the final and just came short at the end but the tournament was certainly a success.

Apart from Polo in Thailand during this incredible tournament, what can you ad to the experience?

King power certainly knows how to host a tournament! Aside from the Polo, it truly was an unforgettable experience. I was very lucky to get to go with one of my closest friends in Polo and then make two new friends while I was there. We had the best time touring around in the morning before we playing Polo in the afternoon, and king power hosted an event each night. We ate tons of mango sticky rice and had the best time at all of the king power functions!