The history of La Martina Varsity Polo Match

The Varsity Polo Match is an annual polo match between the Oxford University Polo Club and the Cambridge University Polo Club, played between teams of four players. Historically it was known as the inter-University Challenge Cup or inter-Varsity polo match.

It is also known as the Oxford-Cambridge Polo Match or by a title that includes the name of its current sponsor (1982 Champagne Taittinger University matches; 1984 Krug Champagne Varsity Polo; from 2010 to 2014, the Jack Wills Varsity Polo,and from 2016 onwards the La Martina Varsity. Members of both teams are traditionally known as Blues, with Oxford in dark blue and Cambridge in light blue.

Other matches include the annual schools test between Eton v Harrow and a couple of Old Blues games. All players and spectators are then invited to stay for the afternoon’s sport, a 22-goal Queen’s Cup quarter-final match.