The Royal Moroccan Polo Federation launched a new website

Morocco founded its Royal Moroccan Polo Federation in 2006 with the aim of reviving and developing this discipline in the kingdom. Indeed, Polo is one of the oldest sports in the country since it has been present in Morocco since 1899 following the creation of the first polo team in Tangier by the British diplomatic delegation.

Introduced in Morocco at the beginning of the 20th century, Polo is a collective equestrian sport that illustrates not only the harmony between the rider and his mount but also the cohesion between the whole team.

Named the “Sport of Kings”, Polo is a very old discipline that initially appeared in Asia. Polo is one of the first sports practiced in Morocco, and this is thanks to the British diplomatic delegation which created the first Polo team in Tangier. It is also the origin of the “Country Diplomatic Club” of the city the same year and, eight years later, of the Casablanca club. The British have left a historical mark by bequeathing this sporting heritage to Moroccans.

Northern Morocco is now one of the preferred destinations for the great polo nations, such as Argentina, which is a leader in the field.

The owner of the Polo Palmeraie Club, Mr. Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, has undertaken in recent years collaborations with the Argentinians, in order to take advantage of their great experience in Polo and make them available to Moroccan riders. In 2018, the city of Assilah hosted a major polo competition «Lawyers Polo», an international event bringing together some forty lawyers from all over the world.

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