The teams ready to play the 4th Ladies International Polo Cup

On Friday the 12th, the presentation of the teams of the four participating teams was held, to give way to two days full of action and, above all, good matches that will take place on Sunday with the delivery of prizes to the teams that manage to reach the top.


Best Doctors – LZ Latam: Sol Laguardia, 0; Chofa Fernández, 1; Cata Tomasevich, 3; Vero Magnasco, 4. Total: 8.

VT Wealth Management: Sophie Caubarrere, 0; Martina Lowe, 1; Victoria Miller, 2; Loli Bunge, 4. Total: 7.

Bodega Oceánica J I: Noe Villegas, 0; Fiona Louzada, 0; Paulina Vasquetto, 4; Martina Gadea, 4. Total: 8.

Talar: Delfi Cabral, 0; Chivel Vivo, 0; Mayte Charle, 0; Agus Imaz, 5. Total: 7.