All set for the Coppa Duca D’Aosta Polo Cup at Roma Polo Club

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The Coppa Duca D’Aosta is one of the most prestigious polo tournaments held at the Roma Polo Club, which proudly stands as Italy’s oldest polo club. Founded in the 1930s, this club combines tradition, passion, and elegance in a lush, exclusive setting. Let’s explore the thrilling matches, esteemed teams, and the captivating atmosphere of this remarkable event.

Tournament Details

  • Dates: June 20 to June 30, 2024
  • Handicap Rating: 8/10
  • Location: Roma Polo Club, Via dei Campi Sportivi, 43, Rome, Italy


Eight teams, each with a maximum handicap of 10 goals, compete fiercely for the coveted Coppa Duca D’Aosta. Among them are renowned players from around the world, showcasing their skill and sportsmanship.

Schedule Highlights

Here are some key match-ups during the tournament:

  1. Opening Match (June 20):
  • Acquedotto Romano P.T. vs. El Rosario P.T.
  • Followed by a delightful «light dinner» and a lively «Pool Party.»
  1. Semifinals (June 27):
  • T Semifinal (1 – 4): Intense battle!
  • Il Semifinal (2 – 3): Equally thrilling!
  • Plus, an enticing «Asado» awaits.
  1. Grand Finale (June 30):
  • Impresion/La Castelluccia P.T. vs. Cria del Mar P.T.
  • Witness the crowning of the champion!

Special Awards

  • Trofeo Nuccio Giardina Goleador Award: Honoring the tournament’s top scorer.
  • Best Horse Award: Recognizing the equine stars of the event.

Clubhouse and Atmosphere

The colonial-style clubhouse at Roma Polo Club houses trophies, historical photos, and cherished memories. Over its seventy-year history, distinguished spectators like Aimon of Savoy, Princess Elizabeth of England, and Empress Soraya have graced the matches.

The Coppa Duca D’Aosta isn’t just about polo; it’s a celebration of elegance, camaraderie, and the timeless spirit of the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned polo enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this tournament promises exhilarating moments and unforgettable memories.

For more information, visit the official Roma Polo Club website. 🎩🏇🌟