Charlotte Amadea Verdonckt: “Roma Polo Club is a beautiful hidden gem that is very conveniently located”

PoloHUB spoke with Charlotte Amadea Verdonckt about the Roma Polo Club and everything it offers for those who want to start their polo life there.

The Roma Polo Club is the emblematic club of Italy located in the center of the Roman city. In this context, many of the citizens of the great European city come to the club to enjoy its great amenities and, above all, to start their life in polo.

In this context, we spoke with Charlotte Amadea Verdonckt, one of the students of the Roma Polo Club, who tells us about her beginnings in the club and why she continues to choose the club for her classes.

As a person who is starting to learn polo, what do you recommend to those who want to start learning polo in Rome?
First, I would definitely encourage everyone who may be interested in polo to learn more and get involved. It is a beautiful sport and in Rome we offer a special environment with supportive and fun community.
It is critical to learn polo the right way, both for safety and to improve quickly.
I suggest starting with lessons (like I did myself) where you learn the basics, such as riding a horse and using a mallet. Even through these simple first experiences, you will immediately be swept away.
It is also extremely important to start with the right instructor and horse. My instructor Pato Rattagan is an excellent instructor and has a fantastic, gentle horse, named Torda. She is perfect for beginners because she makes the rider feel extremely safe. I think the hardest part for a beginner is overcoming your fear to sit on a horse in the polo setting, even if you have ridden horses before. Once you feel safe, it becomes very fun and exciting. Then you will learn the sport gradually, start playing informal games and if you want, compete.

Why did you choose the Roma Polo Club?
In my case, I chose Roma Polo Club because I am here in Rome,so it is obviously convenient, and it was recommended to me by international friends who play polo. I was also very impressed by the instructors, horses and members.
I quickly became very comfortable at the club and got more involved in polo. Based on my positive experience, I would definitely recommend Roma Polo Club as a place to learn polo and enjoy life.

What do you think of the Roma Polo Club and all the amenities it offers?
Roma Polo Club is a beautiful hidden gem that is very conveniently located. When I approach the club and as soon as I enter, I immediately feel relaxed. Even though the club is in the center of Rome, I feel like I’m not in the city anymore.
During the summer, the club ambience is especially pleasant. You can enjoy the outdoor restaurant and cool off at the club’s pool. It is also a great place to socialize and for business networking.