From South Africa to the World: Rutland Ridge Halters

Rutland Ridge Halters was started in 2021 and was inspired by a trip to Argentina and a burning passion for horses and perfection. Ever since then we have been working to maintain the highest quality and improve on a daily basis. The business currently employs a lady from the South African polo community and it is one of our goals to expand this and help improve the unemployment problem in South Africa.

It is our vision to be the go-to brand for high quality halters globally and our mission is to provide high quality, beautiful halters to polo players and the wider equestrian community around the world.

Features on the halters:

● All halters are handmade.

● Made from braided paracord with a total breaking force of 2 tons.

● Contains a custom stainless steel disk where you can display your logo or initials.

● 10 color options available

● Very high quality lead rope and robust clip.