HUSK 2024 UK Season Highlights to Look Out For!

2024 has been a really exciting year already for HUSK as we develop the brand further consolidating more research and evidence into the features and benefits of our flag ship horse leg protectors, the HUSK La Irenita Air Sport Boots.  The seed of concept for the boots started in 2016 when Founder Louise wanted to create leg protection for her dressage thoroughbred who had developed Lymphangitis as a result of her legs over heating after being turned out in the field with neoprene-based brushing boots.

The first generation of these boots, originally named HUSK Ultimate Air Boots, were spotted by the Mac Donough family who approached Louise to discuss designing a boot for the sport of polo.  The late Dr Jorge Mac Donough, polo vet, breeder, and player, had been writing articles on “heating of tendons” and “boots vs bandages” for many years to try to alert the world of polo of the health risks to horses of using certain leg protection in the sport.  Jorge and his family were keen to support the development of such a product.  This is how HUSK’s La Irenita Air Sport Boot was formed.

Since then HUSK have been consistently testing the efficacy of the boots in practice and recording the results, most notably at the Argentine Open the team used thermal imaging cameras to temperature test the La Dolfina team horses using HUSK’s La Irenita Air Sport Boots vs bandages with astounding results!  

Most recently in 2024 HUSK visited Longdole Polo Club, UK, with Vet Lorna Broughton and performed a regimented temperature test of 4 horses cantering for 15min with a combination of the following on each leg of each horse:

1. No leg protection

2. HUSK La Irenita Air Boot

3. Fleece Bandage

4. Standard Tendon boot or Le Mieux Snug Ultra Mesh Boot

Once again, the results blew the team away, proving that HUSK La Irenita Air Sport Boots do not heat the horses’ legs up much more than if the horse had no leg protection on at all!  Both no leg protection and HUSK La Irenita Air Sport Boots showed temperature increases of on average between 1.1 and 1.6 degrees. The Standard Tendon boots were the most insulating, raising leg temperatures to up to 9 degrees, and bandages and Le Mieux Snug Ultra Mesh Boot raised temperatures by nearly 5 degrees, all in only 15min in an ambient temperature of 16 degrees!

HUSK are now in the process of gathering additional impact data to add to what they already have for the La Irenita Air Sport Boots, but if you are interested in the data they have now, please refer to their axe test which has been published on the HUSK’s You Tube Channel @HUSKTECHNOLOGY as well as their website

HUSK are passionate about choosing who to partner with and represent their brand.  All the players who are ambassadors of HUSK La Irenita Air Sport Boots have asked to be a part of this philanthropic company as they are as passionate about their horses’ wellness and performance as HUSK are, and want to help to spread this growing passion and innovationfurther in the sport.  There are also many players and patrons who have invested in HUSK La Irenita Air Boots for their horses themselves!

Who to Look Out for in 2024 Using HUSK La Irenita Air Sport Boots?

Pablo Mac Donough – King Power

Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha – King Power

Ned Hine – Thai Polo

Min Podesta – Thai Polo

Hazel Jackson – DJ Cats

Matt Perry – Sujan Tigers

Sheikha Maitha – UAE Polo

Lukin Monteverde – UAE Polo

Tommy Beresford – UAE Polo

Lia Salvo – King Power

Barto Castagnola – Desert Palm

Juan Martin Nero – Gaston

Ollie Cudmore – Gaston

Jean Paul Luksic – Gaston

Polito Pieres – Talandracas

Vizcacha Mac Donough – La Irenita

Nina Clarkin – Semper/Anticus

Hilario Ulloa – Park Place

Corinne Ricard – La Dolfina Murus Sanctus

Facu Sola – Shoreline

Alfredo Cappella – Shoreline

Ana Escopedo – Ojo Caliente

These are the people HUSK know of, but there will be more! HUSK are an exciting and beneficial brand to be a part of, not only championing the increase in awareness of the benefits of keeping horse legs cool and protected, but also working toward operating in the most ECO way possible, not only upcycling NASA and military fabrics for their products, but upcycling as much as possible in their processes, and producing in their home country of UK.  HUSK also champions Women in Business, Founder Louise is passionate about employing women with children, and offering them flexible working conditions to enable them to be great mothers and have careers at the same time.