Polo United 10 was played in Santa Clara Polo Club

The Polo United 10 tournament, held at the prestigious Santa Clara Polo Club, was undoubtedly a highlight in the sports calendar. With four teams participating, the tournament offered an exciting display of skill and competition in the heart of Wellington, known as a gathering place for polo enthusiasts.

Santa Clara Polo Club: A Prestigious Venue
The Santa Clara Polo Club, with its top-notch facilities and meticulously maintained fields, provided the perfect backdrop for the tournament. This club has grown over the past 30 years and has become a cornerstone in the South Florida polo community.

Fierce Competition and Sportsmanship
The four teams that competed in the Polo United 10 demonstrated a high level of play, with players showcasing both their technical prowess and strategy on the field. The tournament was not only an opportunity for players to exhibit their talent but also a moment for fans and families to enjoy the passion and tradition of polo.